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ScanIT-TYPOGRAPHY Wall Decorative

Experience: NEWS
Make your habitat unique!
Innovative Interactive ScanIT Banner The brand ScanIT released new interactive products in the market. Products that are full of "action" and can take you easily... to another dimension! Give your space style and tone with the interactive wall banner ScanIT Typography! The combination of modern and classic, the playful white and black letters, with a touch of red, make it unique! ScanIT Typography innovative product enables you, through technology, to meet the entertainment and... Scan it for experience! How? With the following simple way: Scan with your smart phone the ScanIT codes that are printed on the banner, to login the web via a link and let it take you to a new world! Give your space life and have a nice time with your friends, enjoying the videos and messages that you will find! Follow the new trend and get off the routine! You will be thrilled! Buy the product you like and... live the ScanIT experience! Banner dimension: 200x100 cm
Quality:Printed on Canvas and rolled around plastic edges
26,00 €
Available. Shipped within 1-3 working days.

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