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ScanIT-Love Magnets

Experience: LOVE
Fridge Magnets with love messages that make you smile!
ScanIT Magnets Love We are pleased to present a brand new utilitarian but, at the same time innovative product which can offer tons of fun and new experiences under the moto "Scan it for experience"! A common and trivial item now becomes unique! Size 6x6 cm fridge magnets which, by scanning them link you through the internet to a veritable fount of love songs and messages. Buy them, offer them to your loved ones and create an everyday romantic overtone Learn more about them … Check them out, buy the ones you like , become a member and… live the "ScanIT experience!" Follow the new trend and let simple everyday items to take you to the realms of entertainment and the new experience of Scan it for Εxperience!
Quality:Package of two units
5,00 €
Available. Shipped within 1-3 working days.

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