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Protect your Pet!
PROTECT YOUR PET WITH PET SCANIT TAGS. How it works (watch video): Step 1: Create your pet's profile with its information so that once its tag is scanned with smartphone or its url is displayed in a browser your pet's digital profile will be displayed. The profile is active once the pets owner has registered the product & filled in the form with information required at pet.SCANIT.gr. This has as a result the creation of an digital profile and automatic connection to pets identity tag. Add information about your favorite pet and also upload its photo, its medical profile and your contact details as well as contact details of your trusted veterinarian. The ScanIT pet tag has a unique code and allows you to update and manage your pets digital profile content whenever you want and as many times as you like. Step 2: In case your pet goes missing,whoever finds it has to just scan with a smartphone the PET ScanIT qr code that is carved on each PET SCANIT tag or open the carved url link in a browse to display, your pets digital profile and contact you! Otherwise he can visit pet.SCANIT.gr & inform you & us that he found the pet. Once he displays the digital profile of your pet he is aware of its status (missing/safe at home). So if it goes missing, you protect it in order to always have it close to you! The interactive pet.SCANIT.gr tag is an essential accessory and a wonderful gift for your friends pet. Anyone who loves security will treasure the one which is offered by this product! Choose the ScanIT tag of your preferance and hang it to your pets collar. Make it more entertaining as follows: let people know in text what you think your pet feels about you. Let your friends scan the tag and get thrilled with the content they will see! Don't leave your pet unprotected! Choose now your favorite pet's exclusive ScanIT tag.
Quality:Metal Tag 2,5cm (carved)
This product has embedded services so that YOU create & manage its content: ScanIT DIY
15,90 €
Available. Shipped within 1-3 working days.

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